The Coffee Beans

VEDH Katta, a platform that went online and how! Since its commencement in April, it has been a constant source of inspiration, for me and many alike. The VEDH katta that took place on the 26th of July, 2020 was no different, and captivatingly unalike, all at the same time. Sayali, Ketaki and Rima, the three Amarapurkar sisters and invitees for the program titled ‘Coffee with Amarapurkars” are women I have come to respect, not just from today. I have corresponded with them for a purely professional purpose via email, and met them on one occasion, too. Even in those brief interactions, I have learnt a lot from each of them. They are women who command my respect, and their interview on VEDH katta has given impetus to my writing to let these reason flow.

As much as I would love to introduce the Amarapurkar sisters, my youth, inexperience and respect for them renders me incapable to do the said job. The interview would certainly do it better than this blog by multiples. I would like to aim this blog at presenting my impressions about the interview from the perspective of a student.

Daughters of the genius actor Sadashiv Amarapurkar, a consideration for prevalent social issues and a will to do their part in changing it was passed on as a legacy to the Amarapurkar sisters. After listening to how each of their work radiates compassionate yet firm social sensitivity, a quote kept running through my mind on a loop. It said, “A single person’s contribution does matter; hence, every person should contribute.” A simple logic, and yet profound wisdom. This quote for me, sums up this interview ‘Coffee with Amarapurkars’.

No matter what we take up as our profession, it ultimately contributes to not just the indicators of economic growth or development; but to the societal conditions, either reinforcing them or changing them as feeble sparks of magic from a lone wand. As elements of the society that has a rather rigid pyramidal structure, each of us is unsatisfied with some of the other side of this pyramid. What if we try and recognize the potential for expressing empathy and compassion in the framework of our professions? I firmly believe that it will make a difference and contribute in flattening the social structure. Not everyone needs to be a social worker for that, just socially aware and sensitive, thinking beyond the economic purposes of their occupation.

A flattened social structure is Utopian and that is its very limitation. But anything Utopian is not without its function. It provides the present with a goal, which even though far fetched and painfully unrealistic at times, is the light that guides the way forward. A way that is sure, honest and the only way there democratically is.

“Coffee with Amarapurkars’ was nothing short of a guiding flame that put many things into perspective for me. It lined priorities anew and reinforced my adherence for democracy. Yesterday’s coffee had a different flavor. It tasted of strength, thought, compassion all at the same time. It was a cup brewed from the best of coffee beans, whose taste shall be relished, remembered and reminisced about.

-Ketaki Joshi,

Link to ‘Coffee with Amarapurkars’, Vedh Katta, 26th July, 2020.

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